Catering consultancy

Professional catering services connect people in a positive atmosphere and improve team building and workforce motivation. Catering has become an important tool for employer branding – attracting and retaining valuable employees. It is often one of the first things that clients experience and that influences their perception of your organization.

Catering operations: the recipe for an optimal work climate

Both as a customer-centric company and as an employer, you therefore have an interest in developing a catering concept with clear objectives, an adapted assortment, efficient workflows and a minimal life cycle cost.

Assortment Improve customer satisfaction by offering an adapted assortment for different user segments
Processes Define efficient workflows for food preparation and serving
Design Design a catering concept with minimal life cycle cost and aligned with needs of organization and users
Cost Quantify investment levels based on assortment and operational requirements
Rightsize resources in line with expected quality
Tendering Tender and manage an outsourced catering contract to fit demand
Select the right supplier for the job
Quality Set up an independent quality control system

MCS Solutions Advisory Services in catering



MCS Solutions catering consultants offer independent advice and support in analysing your current catering situation. They perform financial benchmarks, audits of organization, workforce, infrastructure and processes… up to an operational scan with your people on the kitchen floor. Following this analysis phase, a catering concept is developed focusing on assortment, infrastructure, organization (roles, working hours, KPIs per employee), costs and ROI.

MCS Solutions catering specialists also advise organizations in the tendering process and the set-up of outsources services, the start-up phase, change management and communication, supporting you all the way to the follow-up and fine-tuning by means of surveys, mystery shopping and audits.

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