Cleaning consultancy

Needless to say, cleaning is often one of the largest expenses in facility management. A professional approach enables organizations to optimize cleaning processes, reduce costs and improve cleaning results of both insourced and outsourced cleaning activities.

Making cleaning transparent and efficient

Cleaning programmes Set up detailed, results-oriented cleaning programmes, centred on best practice and operational excellence, with a healthy balance between high and low frequency activities
Cost and time calculation Increase transparency and predictability of current and future cleaning costs (calculation tools)
Calculate project specific data and benchmark against market averages
Optimizing insourced cleaning Provide practical training of cleaning personnel based on strong visuals
Train middle management to set up quality control and follow-up
Optimizing outsourced cleaning Gain insight into the relation between cost and cleaning result and compare offers objectively thanks to a professional tender document; Determine the right SLAs and KPIs
Take into consideration operational aspects that impact efficiency and quality
Quality Ensure cleaning quality in an independent and normalized way, taking into account the specifics of your cleaning project

MCS Cleaning Advisory



The MCS Cleaning Advisory team aims at optimizing your cleaning processes. This may lead to complete or partial outsourcing of cleaning activities or be achieved by upgrading insourced cleaning services. The entire process consists of different phases: inventory and audit, tendering, coaching and training, quality and budget control. But tailored interventions can also be proposed.

Inventory and audit

  • Conversion of floor plans to space inventories
  • Visits to premises and inventory of cleaning requirements
  • Definition of cleaning programmes and table of execution frequencies
  • Time calculation and budgeting (flexible follow-up and updating)
  • Management support needs analysis


  • Drafting tender document and vendor selection criteria
  • Briefing candidates (incl. guided tour)
  • Bid analysis and control
  • Award of contract to best ‘value for money’ service provider

Coaching and training

  • Scripting cleaning instructions (visual task cards, focus on results)
  • Training of both management and personnel
  • Specific training for DCS (Daily Checking System)

Quality and budget control

  • Targeted DCS inspections during start-up
  • VSR baseline measurements
  • VSR inspections during contract period to ensure continuity

The MCS Cleaning Advisory team brings clarity and efficiency to your cleaning activities.

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