Energy management consulting

MCS Solutions’ energy management consultants bring sustainable solutions to reduce the energy consumption of building portfolios. They support organizations to:

  • Gain insight into the energy performance of their buildings
  • Identify key areas for improvement
  • Implement recommendations to improve energy efficiency

Build insight from intelligent data

Energy management starts with bringing together all necessary source data to measure consumption (energy, water, waste, etc.). Bear in mind that metering data needs to be normalized for weather and other parameters before it becomes relevant information. Only after standardization can it be used for performance benchmarking and decision support for investment projects.

Reduce energy consumption, emissions and space needs

The best way to save on energy is not to use it. Optimizing the occupancy of space can contribute significantly to an organization’s energy consumption. Alongside preventive maintenance and energy efficiency improvement projects, it enables organizations to ultimately use better and fewer buildings.

Gain insight into energy consumption to reduce your footprint

Energy consumption Know what you consume
Identify the real energy performance of buildings in your portfolio
Energy management Analyse and compare energy performance
Drive improvement initiatives and associated investment financing
Space planning Reduce energy needs by optimizing space allocation
Introduce new ways of working that require less space and buildings
Carbon footprint Know and control your full carbon footprint

MCS Solutions Advisory Services in energy management



MCS Solutions’ energy management consultants help organizations benchmark their energy consumption and perform sustainability audits based on standards such as BREEAM In-Use. They advise on improvement projects in order to reduce the organization’s energy consumption. They support the organization with new ways of working and optimized space occupancy.