Facility management consulting

Facility Management – when strategically aligned with business requirements – can contribute significantly to business success. MCS Solutions’ facility management consultants support you to get the right level of insights into the quality and cost of FM services, in order to drive impact on your organization.

FM: from a necessary cost to a catalyst for improved performance

Our facility management consultants look at the most suitable FM scenarios for your organization, which may lead to a fully integrated IFM outsourcing project. An IFM approach integrates service delivery across different FM domains, based on strategic KPIs, results-oriented SLAs (Service Level Agreements), standard operating procedures, and a norm-driven performance measurement system.
Facility management can contribute significantly to business success.
To ensure that an IFM project drives value for your organization, MCS Solutions advisors determine together with you a selected set of top KPIs in line with your company strategy. A Project-to-Value mapping is performed to assess the contribution of all project aspects to the overall objectives.

How to set up a balanced FM service delivery model that drives value for your organization?

Strategic model Tailor the FM strategy to the needs and context of the organization
Organization Align your FM organization with the selected outsourcing model
Lean processes Get control over service delivery processes and costs
IFM tendering Making proposals comparable in cost and quality is a task for FM experts in each FM domain
Quality control Monitor quality of execution, especially of outsourced services


MCS Solutions’ Advisory services in facility management


MCS Solutions provides specialized domain experts in all major FM areas: from catering, cleaning and greenery, over technical maintenance, condition assessment and security, to space and workplace management.

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