Greenery management consulting and other advisory services

The MCS Advisory team supports real estate and facility managers to get control over the constantly growing long tail of services and operations, including greenery management, compliance and risk management, and the handling of hazardous materials.

Specialized MCS consultants carry out performance scans to screen performance in various areas across real estate, facilities and workplace management. Thanks to their focused and norm-based approach, these scans enable your organization to quickly gain insight into current real estate and service operations and uncover the potential for improvement.

Greenery consulting

MCS greenery consultants support you to:

  •  Optimize maintenance of greenery (indoor and outdoor)
  •  Create an inventory, e.g. from GIS (Geographic Information System)
  •  Proactively plan greenery operations
  •  Perform quality control.

Risk Management

Perform risk analyses and audits, take preventive action, and develop business continuity programs: contingency plan, emergency response plan, disaster recovery plan, and crisis communication.

Hazardous materials

Inventorize and manage hazardous materials (e.g. asbestos) in buildings or processes. Set up procedures for (accident) prevention, handling, removal and waste management. Ensure legal compliance.

Performance scans

Depending on your needs and priorities, different scans can be performed in the areas of portfolio management (building and location, condition, maintenance management, space and energy), facility management (screening of FM processes, sourcing and organization; customer satisfaction survey), financial management (contracts, benchmarking) and quality control (cleaning, catering). Finally, the Smart Working scan enables you to evaluate your workplace strategy and realities on the ground.


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