Real estate management consulting

CREs have traditionally been focused on the bottom line, looking for opportunities to cut costs. Today, they are asked to focus more on adapting the building portfolio to constant business change.

Align corporate real estate strategy with business goals

Real estate teams need to align their organization’s portfolio with continuously changing business requirements (mergers and acquisitions, locations, satellite offices, visitor handling, etc.) and new ways of working (flexible space, digital and physical workplace, mobile working, etc.).

Keep assets flexible and marketable

In today’s business context it is vital for property managers to keep their assets flexible and marketable. This requires clear insight and control over the building condition and costs in relation to market benchmarks.

The real challenge today is to adapt the building portfolio to constant business change.

Use building intelligence to make better decisions

Organizations are in need of data-driven decision support (invest, sell, lease back, buy, build, refurbish, etc.) based on insight into revenues, costs and market valuation.

How to maximize the performance of your real estate portfolio

Portfolio Optimize portfolio mix and flexibility of RE assets
Assets Enable decision making on asset transactions through business case and valuation
Leases Optimize lease agreements in terms of flexibility, cost distribution and administration
Space Maximize occupancy and allocation
Tenants Optimal cost distribution and relationship management
Projects Control budget of project execution
Maintenance Get control over maintenance operations, asset condition and compliance
Energy Maximize energy efficiency
MCS Solutions’ Advisory services for real estate management



MCS Solutions experts help organizations gain relevant insight into the value and condition of their real estate portfolio as a driver for improvement projects or commercial transactions. The MCS Solutions advisory team provides expertise and advice based on proven best practices to maximize the functional and financial performance of your real estate and keep it aligned with changing business needs.

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