Security risk assessment and consultancy

Understanding the most appropriate security measures for your office building and workplace is often a complex process. In order to make the very best decision an organization will need to carefully balance the various security risks and available measures, against cost.

MCS Solutions works with organizations to help them improve their corporate resilience through a dedicated security risk assessment, enhancing both security and business continuity programmes.

Optimizing the balance between risk and cost

There are numerous threats that can negatively affect people and assets, such as natural disasters, hazardous materials, malicious activities, industrial espionage, violence and theft – and there are even more ways to detect, prevent or mitigate security threats.

Our security management consultants support you with a risk management strategy that finds the right balance between acceptable risk and total cost of security.

“The real security risk is the one you don’t know you have”

A risk management strategy provides a structured approach to identifying, assessing and managing risk. It’s an improvement cycle that incorporates regular reviews and updates based on the outcome of actions taken and new developments:


Take control of the security of your staff, visitors and tangible/intangible assets

Strategy Translate your company strategy into a security risk management strategy
Risks Gain insight into the current risk management situation of your organization
Costs Increase transparency and predictability of current and future security costs and investments
Processes Align business processes with an effective security strategy
Contracts Improve how security contracts are tendered and managed, incl. compensation for inadequate performance
Business continuity Create a business continuity programme for the risks and exposures that cannot be eliminated

Our security consultants can help you think through all aspects of your security requirements, enabling you to gain more control of your security environment and to optimize the available security budget.

MCS Solutions Advisory services in risk analysis and security management


The MCS Solutions Advisory team supports organizations in setting up best practice security operations, from strategy and conceptual design to operational implementation, outsourcing and quality follow-up.

Our security experts can perform security and risk assessment of buildings, installations, personnel and visitors. They support you to create a business continuity programme based on best practices.

If you are planning to retender contracts for security services, our consultants can also help you assess the current installed protection system, define the optimal security concept, describe the required security levels and measures, write the tender documents and support you in the negotiation and transition process.

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