Smart building consulting

Managing and servicing a building portfolio requires decision making based on the realities on the ground. Smart buildings consist of a connected network of wireless, affordable meters, sensors and mobile devices, enabling real estate managers, building owners and facility managers to finally capture actual performance drivers. It’s like the building is talking to them…

From big data to actionable intelligence

Technology deployment is not sufficient however to turn raw data into actionable intelligence. To drive value for their organization, FMs and building managers should start with the end in mind:

  • What do we want our smart buildings to tell us?
  • How to select and prioritize scenarios?


The MCS Solutions Smart Building Advisory team brings an integrated, value-driven methodology

Goal setting Sensor-to-value mapping to drive value aligned with your organization’s strategy
Data inputs Defining and planning adequate tools and data inputs

  • Technology tools (e.g. sensor networks, indoor positioning, leveraging your investment in BMS or other data sources)
  • Activity measurements (ABOOTTM)
  • Effectiveness measurements and surveys (Leesman Index)
  • Interviews to gain a deeper understanding of the human component of building usage
Data analysis Setting up (big) data processing, analytics and visualization with the help of data scientists
Implementation Data interpretation by domain experts and implementation in:

Optimizing building performance and user experience

MCS Solutions smart building consultants will support your organization to improve workplace productivity and user experience through

  • Better targeted, proactive service delivery
  • Location-based, real-time guidance of building occupants and visitors
  • Facilitating collaboration through improved space allocation
  • Permanent monitoring of indoor climate and workplace comfort

At the same time, MCS Solutions experts will help real estate managers, building owners and facility managers to:

  • Increase control over FM services and quality
  • Optimize space usage and maintenance strategy
  • Reduce costs through rightsizing service delivery, optimizing room occupancy, and improving energy efficiency
  • Get real insights to drive property decisions

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