Workplace management consulting

A move, merger or other organizational changes require companies to rethink their space allocation and workplace design. Too often, their focus is almost exclusively on space efficiency and the physical workplace design. Organizations should see a move as an opportunity to drive the more fundamental transition to a new way of working.

Designing a new way of working doesn’t mean increasing square meters

It is a misconception that creating a better working environment requires more space or budget. The opposite is true. By combining Smart Working and activity-based space management, the need for space can be optimized; at the same time this enables organizations to align their way of working with current and future business needs.
It is a misconception that creating a better workplace requires more space or budget.

Efficient workplace and space management

Many organizations struggle to stay in control of space allocation and asset tracking. Furthermore, workplace managers are overwhelmed with move and refurbishment projects or even just keeping track of keys and badges. It is vital to set up efficient processes to track, manage and modify the workplace with associated space and assets.

Enable your organization to make the transition: not only to a new workplace but to a new way of working

Activities Measure how your people work and collaborate (ABOOT activity measurements)
Benchmark workplace effectiveness (Leesman Index)
Organization Manage the transition to an optimal way of working
Space Define and monitor optimal allocation and usage of m2
Workplace Design an optimal workplace, aligned with the way of working
Information Digitize your documents
Cost Control the budget from design to build

MCS Advisory services for workplace management


Through a proven approach – from vision to implementation – MCS helps organizations transition to an optimal way of working in an optimal workplace environment.