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Real estate is often one of the largest assets in a company’s capital portfolio. Gaining insight into the performance of your real estate portfolio is a critical component that will allow you to continually improve your strategic planning, costs and risk management.

This requires detailed analysis of your assets’ performance data in terms of facility services, workplace and property management. This is further enhanced by the roll-out of the IoT (Internet of Things), enabling the capture and analysis of real-time data streams in your buildings.

MCS Solutions’ performance management software informs strategic decision-making

MCS Solutions’ real estate analytics are centred around proven best practice KPIs, incorporating in-depth expertise from domain specialists.

To maximize the impact on your organization, MCS Solutions starts each project with a project-to-value mapping to determine a selected set of top Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in line with your organization’s business strategy.

Performance management reporting on multiple levels

Running on a central database, web-based myMCS performance management software offers decision support on multiple levels:

  • Operational: predefined reports with up-to-date overviews supporting field workers in their daily activities
  • Tactical: flexible management reporting providing insight into processes and organization
  • Strategic: high-level performance analytics and KPI dashboards for C-level executives


Flexible, user-friendly reporting tools

myMCS performance management software empower managers to make their own reports in an intuitive manner.

Mobile reporting further increases flexibility by enabling you to discover, explore and share performance results on the go.

    Benefits of myMCS performance management software
  • Integrated reporting: operational, tactical, and strategic
  • Common business language and consistent metrics
  • User-friendly flexible reporting tool enabling managers to make their own reports
  • Ready-to-use, best-practice KPI performance reporting
  • Integration of IoT and big data analytics
  • Project-to-value mapping to determine the right set of KPIs to maximize impact
  • Strategic reporting on the go using myMCS Mobile Reporting


myMCS Flexible Reporting: self-service BI lets end users do personalized analytics and reporting
  • Flexible, user-friendly reporting and analytics tool
  • Enabled by SAP BO using myMCS database
  • Management decision support based on complete and up-to-date information
  • Define and make your own reports in an intuitive manner
  • Accessible through web and mobile applications


Fig: Freely make your own reports

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myMCS Performance Pack: best-practice KPI reporting
  • Ready-to-use performance reporting per domain
  • Centred around proven KPIs from industry best practices
  • Driven by in-depth domain expertise, from experience working with large global organizations
  • Available through web and mobile applications


Fig: Sample report of myMCS Performance Pack

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myMCS Mobile Business Intelligence: reporting on the go

  • Discover, explore, and share performance reporting en route
  • Eliminate paper-based reporting
  • Share results instantly and collaborate with others on your tablet

Mobile business intelligence

Fig: Mobile reporting using a tablet

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Big data Platform: Leveraging the IoT to enhance performance analytics
  • End-to-end solution to tackle many aspects of building performance
  • Capture data streams from multiple sources: smart sensors and indoor positioning, mobile work, user mood feedback, and more
  • Connect and exchange data with your FMIS and BMS
  • Integrate real-time and historical data, structured and unstructured data
  • Trigger smart actions and fine-tune equipment in real time
  • Discover cost and performance drivers based on actual usage
  • Enable new scenarios across different domains

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