Cost analysis & reporting

Close monitoring of facilities management costs is key to the cost-efficiency of your operations. myMCS Financials provides an advanced control centre with access to all financial streams flowing through the real estate and facilities departments.

Delivering reliable, accurate financial data

myMCS Financials centralizes all financial processes in the myMCS software suite. The solution has been primarily designed to:

  • Manage revenue through charging customers for provided space and services (e.g. rent, maintenance, charge, etc.)
  • Control expenses on internal or external services or materials (e.g. utility invoices, upgrading IT equipment, spare parts, etc.)
  • Trigger purchase requisitions based on work order requirements
  • Keep a central catalogue of products and services that can be consumed by customer calls, work orders, projects, reservations, etc. With customer-specific price lists, the same item can have different prices depending on the customer.

With this software, managers have clear visibility into real estate and facilities management costs and revenues. A flexible tool with configurable statuses and workflows tailored to your business requirements, myMCS Financials greatly improves financial control and operational cost effectiveness.

    Benefits of myMCS Financials

  • Access to all facilities management costs and revenues flowing from other myMCS modules
  • Accurate invoices and purchase requisitions
  • Central catalogue of products and services delivered by the FM department
  • Increased flexibility with customer and contract specific price lists
  • Easy management of invoices and requisitions via myMCS Web Financials for employees from other departments

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