BIM is moving into FM, and for good reason. Building Information Models (BIM), when correctly set up, contain a wealth of as-built information for facility management. This information, digitally stored within BIM, includes space and asset data such as equipment locations, models, maintenance, spares, carbon footprint, price, warranty, and more. When integrated with a CAFM (IWMS) system, this data can be better managed and becomes even more powerful for FMs. That’s why MCS software allows for a direct import of BIM models into the MCS database.  It’s not just an interface though, but a full integration, in other words ’embedded BIM’. This includes all BIM parameters as well as 3D geometry.

Benefits of embedded BIM

Importing data from BIM saves a tremendous amount of time for facilities management. To start with, all the floors, rooms and technical assets are created automatically in the CAFM software. Furthermore, MCS BIM Explorer enables technicians to visualize the 3D model, navigate through it, and consult the technical parameters of any element. This is now also integrated with web work orders and the maintenance objects linked to them. The software can automatically load the correct BIM model, zoom in and highlight the object in the model. Suppose a technician gets a work order to repair a noisy HVAC fan. Thanks to BIM explorer, he can instantly see its location (e.g. under the false ceiling) and consult technical details. This will save him precious time in the execution of his task.

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Embedded BIM (integration with CAFM)