Index-based pricing is very common in real estate and facility management. Lease agreements and facilities services are often subject to (annual) price adjustments, based on the Consumer Price Index or another price adjustment mechanism.

While most property management software allows you to automatically calculate the new rent or contract price, executing these price escalations can still be time-consuming. If you manage a lot of rental units and services it could mean you’re spending a full day each month just doing that.

Managing index-based pricing

Save time

That’s why MCS software enables you to automate this task. The result is that price escalation (indexation) will take care of itself, as soon as all values are known. You can configure this on a contract-per-contract basis.

Do you have some complex contracts, and you want to verify price adjustments before invoicing these? No problem, we have also added a ‘mass indexation’ feature, allowing you to preview, simulate, and execute price escalations on multiple contracts in one go.