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At MCS Solutions, we are committed to developing smart software to create high-performing workplaces. Interested in learning about the benefits of the new MCS IWMS software release 17.0, pending the user event on December 15th? Here are some of the highlights:

The typical facility management (FM) organization, part in-house, part outsourced, is like a business in itself. It has suppliers, a management team, and its own customers. As a key part of that organization, the FM service provider is in a business-to-business market. So the customers of the service provider are mostly the client organization’s business […]

FM software is increasingly extending beyond the facility team, allowing other employees to input and receive building data. All too often, however, the user experience is not taken into consideration, and the software interface is cumbersome and complicated. This can be true even of reservations management, where the interface should be designed for usability.

Writing your name on a piece of paper or an Excel document to book a meeting has rightly been consigned to history. And although office tools like Outlook are great for collaboration and scheduling meetings, they provide only limited functionality for booking physical spaces, services and resources.

From Facebook to Outlook, software is trending towards the convergence of multiple functions in a single environment. The drive for efficiency and familiarity has seen developers congregate around popular services, integrating their own software functionality to serve existing audiences.

Smart room booking combines a central system (to avoid meeting conflicts), real-time sensor data (for actual occupancy) and multiple touchpoints (for increased user flexibility). Our infographic shows 6 simple ways to book a meeting room.

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