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Where is modern facilities management heading? What’s hot and what’s not? And what are the global trends that will impact how we live and work tomorrow? MCS Solutions was on the ground in Stockholm, checking out new trends and participating in the World Workplace Europe Industry Leaders’ Debate. Here are our top five takeaways from […]

Companies today can do business using one single currency across many European countries. But what about the currency of real estate? The basic unit of measure of commercial property is floor area, and facility and property managers still have to deal with many different (national) measurement standards. The same net area can vary by up […]

While the duties of facility managers appear to be changing rapidly, many still see the role as something akin to a roll-up-the-sleeves firefighter. This ‘hands on’ stereotype can have a knock on effect to your reputation and standing, and contrasts with the evolving data analysis and application part of the role. In reality the new […]

Many change projects or initiatives to improve performance do not reach their initial goals because of poor implementation. This is true for implementing facility management software as well. When outcomes are disappointing, this is likely because value ‘leaks’ at different stages of the implementation process.

Many facility teams still track issues and organize work using email, spreadsheets, and standalone tools that are not designed for building and facility management. This makes it cumbersome to follow-up on tickets and work execution and impossible to measure performance.

The way facility organizations handle user requests and log tickets impacts overall efficiency. So what capabilities should you look for in service desk software? Our infographic provides guidance.

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