02Jan 2017

Many facility teams still track issues and organize work using email, spreadsheets and standalone tools that are not designed for building and facility management. This makes it cumbersome to follow-up on tickets and work execution and impossible to measure performance. Continue reading

27Dec 2016

The way facility organizations handle user requests and log tickets impacts overall efficiency. What capabilities should you be looking for in service desk software? Our infographic provides guidance. Continue reading

10Nov 2016

The role of today’s facility managers is expanding, involving them in more aspects of the business and making them more pivotal to a company’s success.

Many facility managers are now reporting straight to senior management, making FM data collection and the ability to understand and report on the data more integral to their role. Continue reading

23Sep 2016

Hospitals and other healthcare providers today are faced with growing competition, increased cost pressures, a growing number of elderly and chronically ill patients, and evolving quality and regulatory requirements.

Healthcare reform is driving a trend from volume-driven to value-based healthcare, with new ″network″ delivery models and smoother transitions between care settings, like hospitals, outpatient and home care.

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15Sep 2016

The roll-out of the Internet of Things (IoT) enables companies to turn workplaces into smart buildings. The technology can be beneficial in many ways.

Through capturing real-time big data from sensors, facilities and property managers can improve building performance, resource usage and service delivery, based on actual utilization data.

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12Sep 2016

Over the years, cleaning service providers and large corporate customers have been working to transition from an input-driven model (number of hours of work) to an output-based model (measurement of cleaning result) and eventually an outcome-based model (impact on end users, customer satisfaction tracking).

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08Sep 2016

According to the principles of the digital workplace, work is no longer ‘the place we go to‘ in the morning; it is the activities we do and the social interactions we have.

New generations expect to be able to work and collaborate from anywhere, inside and outside the ‘office building’. And they count on technology to help them do that.

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