Mobility is a hot topic not only in the consumer world but also in the enterprise world.  In all my interactions with customers, the mobility topic came up on the agenda.  The question is no longer whether mobile solutions are required but rather which mobile solutions are required.

Mobility is not something new; it has been there before the time of Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxies. However, the difference now is that under the influence of these great companies, a multitude of mobile applications are only one click away.  As a result, business users within companies now also believe that deploying mobile apps in the enterprise is as easy as going to an online mobile store and downloading the app.

Well, you are misled !  While working within a company, there are various other factors to be considered.

First of all, besides installing the mobile apps on the device, you want to make sure that the right connection details to the back-end systems are also set correctly.  In other words, one should aim to “pre-configure” the mobile app so that the user only has to log in with a user-id and password to ease up the entire process.

Once you have enterprise apps on the mobile device, you need to make sure that the device is properly secured.  This means setting up device passwords to restricting certain functions of the mobile device.  It also involves having a process that allows users to run enterprise apps on their own devices.

Lastly, the various aspects of the day-to-day management of the mobile apps on devices are to be considered. This entails being able to send patches and updates without impacting the business.  It also involves being able to monitor on a daily basis what devices are browsing on your network.

All these functions can be summed up under “Mobile Device Management”.  It is always interesting to witness customers’ reactions when the topic of mobile device management is addressed.  Most clients have heard vaguely about it and consider it apart from the mobile app setting up and deploying. But make no mistake, Mobile Device Management is an essential part of your mobile strategy and should always be taken into account when defining a mobility strategy.  If thought through in advance, you can be confident that the deploying of enterprise mobile apps will be as easy as going to your favorite mobile store !