Many facility teams still track issues and organize work using email, spreadsheets, and standalone tools that are not designed for building and facility management. This makes it cumbersome to follow-up on tickets and work execution and impossible to measure performance.

Integrated FM software (CAFM – Computer Aided Facility Management) addresses these pain points. We briefly discuss the typical components of CAFM software and the problems it solves:



  • Keeping track of your installed base is a struggle because of constant changes in the field
  • Having mobile apps to not only keep the inventory of installations up to date but also assess their current condition can be a valuable input for maintenance planning and budgeting



  • Capturing tickets and requests takes longer than it should; poor ticket entry leads to waste in time before the work can actually start
  • Using a template-based web/mobile request system improves accuracy and saves time so that tickets get resolved faster



  • Work orders are dispatched without sufficient information or access to relevant data; reliance on top of mind knowledge of FM personnel induces human errors, and field workers without mobile tools plan their work based on outdated information
  • Sending tasks with checklists to internal and external technicians through a mobile app allows them to work faster and better. You can also track time at work locations and manage service-related costs, based on a central catalogue



  • Work planning and scheduling in multiple locations can be complex; how to stay up to date at all times of evolving resources and skills, opening hours of buildings, and geographic proximity to work locations?
  • Advanced resource scheduling tools can process all this information automatically and help planners find the optimal resources for each task



  • Without good visibility into facility stocks, it is hard to keep supplies at a sufficient level and technicians lose time because spare parts are not available when they need them
  • Stock management software enables facility teams to centrally track and manage stocks with a minimum of administration to give technicians easy access to the materials they need; By deploying a mobile app, this can even be extended to unstaffed or virtual warehouses like technicians’ vans



  • In order to meet compliance needs, technicians must follow standardized procedures; too often organizations rely on the knowledge of the technician
  • Providing pre-formatted standard checklists that are easy to use by field technicians helps you to comply with regulations, standards and best practices.



  • A major problem is not being able to track service execution against contractual SLA agreements
  • CAFM software allows you to configure and monitor KPIs and service level agreements and run reports to keep track of performance and SLA compliance



  • Facility managers lack consistent user feedback; annual hi-level satisfaction surveys are insufficient to monitor the user experience and address issues when they arise
  • Facility managers can capture feedback more frequently at the user level through “happy or not” mobile apps and touchscreens distributed throughout the building

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