We strive to create more clarity and insight in what MCS could mean for your organisation. I therefore invite you to actively share with us what you are looking for! MCS is permanently looking for new insights in the market needs. Only with a clear insight into these needs, we can offer services and products that can have an impact on your facility management and real estate. This also explains our tagline: MCS can provide added value only with insight.

MCS key facts

Every day, we find out that some essential MCS key facts are misunderstood or unknown. Let me then give you some basic insights into the MCS organisation…

  • MCS will celebrate its 25th birthday in 2014
  • MCS not only stands for software but also for advisory services
  • MCS truly believes in the integration of facilities services (catering, cleaning, technical maintenance, energy, security, workspace, etc.)
  • MCS brings real estate and facility management altogether
  • Our software “myMCS” is used by almost 1 million people
  • MCS can help you with the design and carrying out of your mobile strategy
  • Our MCS SAP team made of experts can help you with your project(s)
  • Over 20 customers have already collaborated with us on this web site by willing to tell their experience on video (please check the latest video testimonials on our web site)
  • Companies such as Coca-Cola, Danske Bank, AG Real Estate, Pringles, etc. recently put their trust in myMCS
  • MCS has an average growth rate of 25% per year

This is only a fraction of the information we would like to share with you. Hence, we would like to invite you to visit our menu tab “MCS Proof”, where all customers’ testimonials can be found: after all, who can explain and illustrate the MCS activities better than our own customers?

For all these reasons I would like to thank you for visiting our web site, for your interest and naturally all our customers for their trust and cooperation.

Yours Insightfully, Impactfully,

Koen Matthijs, CEO