08Jul 2013

How can organisations meet the standards of higher expectations from internal customers?

Needless to say the number of cooking shows on television has been increasing over the last recent years.  Unintentionally, this trend has an effect on the expectations of the moderate television viewer and her eating habits. Continue reading

30Apr 2013

Mobility is a hot topic not only in the consumer world but also in the enterprise world.  In all my interactions with customers, the mobility topic came up on the agenda.  The question is no longer whether mobile solutions are required but rather which mobile solutions are required. Continue reading

12Apr 2013

Real Estate and Facility Management is about getting the best performance out of a portfolio of properties and assets.  FM managers invest time and energy in benchmarking and tracking Key Performance Indicators.  It is the only way to get factual performance measurement and avoid being driven by subjectivity or political agendas. Continue reading

22Mar 2013

We strive to create more clarity and insight in what MCS could mean for your organisation. I therefore invite you to actively share with us what you are looking for! MCS is permanently looking for new insights in the market needs. Only with a clear insight into these needs, we can offer services and products that can have an impact on your facility management and real estate. This also explains our tagline: MCS can provide added value only with insight. Continue reading

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