23Mar 2018

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly becoming a real part of business operations, not to mention our everyday lives. With wireless sensors all around us, should we worry about what happens with all that data? There are certainly some valid reasons for concern about data privacy and security, but that doesn’t mean the IoT will not continue expanding because, despite the risks, the value it brings is too important. Continue reading

21Mar 2018

We live in a world where agile working is quickly becoming the new normal. This creates a demand for flexible space but also for smart services that make the most of that space. Technology both drives and enables this smart workplace revolution. IoT-related technologies, in particular, play a key role. These days, companies increasingly use sensor data to enable new workplace scenarios. Scenarios that range from space and comfort tracking to workplace guidance, to transforming workflows and building management. Continue reading

19Mar 2018

Traditionally, IWMS software focuses on best-practice process automation to achieve operational efficiencies. This is still an essential part of running a facility. But with businesses now putting a greater emphasis on workplace agility and employee experience, it is no longer sufficient. IWMS must, therefore, raise its game or disappear. Is your FM software on its way to becoming extinct? Or is it part of the next generation of more connected and smarter software platforms? Continue reading

12Feb 2018

The service provider industry is driven by performance measurements and Service-Level Agreements (SLAs). Although the details of service-level agreements vary widely, they almost always specify required levels of availability, reliability, responsiveness, or other attributes of the service. Next to acceptable (minimum) and preferred (low and high target) levels of performance, FM service contracts also usually include remedies or penalties for failure to meet SLAs. Furthermore, it’s important that they define how the performance will be tracked against SLAs and by whom. Continue reading

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