‘GO! Onderwijs van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap’, one of the significant educational players in Belgium (28 groups of schools, approx. 1,000 educational institutions representing 3,000 buildings and roughly 300,000 students) is serious about reducing energy consumption. In order to assess energy performance and potential for improvement in their schools, they decided to implement the energy management software from MCS, kicking off the effort with a pilot project in 3 schools.


myMCS Energy management software enables the ‘GO!’ organization to collect meter readings (electricity, gas, water), transform this data into relevant metrics and perform analysis and reporting. The MCS software platform also allows ‘GO!’ to manage energy saving measures, projects and strategies.

During this and the next year, the project is being rolled out over the entire school network in 2 phases:

Phase 1:

  • Inventory of all supply points, meters and meter channels for electricity, gas and water
  • Inventory of occupancy per building / energy object
  • Inventory of heated volumes
  • Embedded reporting + dedicated myMCS performance Pack reporting tools

Phase 2:

  • Addition of solar panels
  • Data import engine
  • Linking myMCS Energy with myMCS Project to effectively manage improvement projects

Condition assessment of buildings and installations

‘GO!’ also performed condition assessments using myMCS Condition Assessment.

Watch a video (in Dutch) created by ‘GO!’