As a result of a move the administration of the KdG College needed advice about developing an innovative office concept. MCS took care of the elaboration of the analysis phase, developed the concept and the final layout plans. Also support was given during the tendering and implementation process.

For detecting the existing opportunities a quantitative analysis was conducted. This encompassed occupancy measurements of workplaces and meeting rooms, the measuring of archives and a m² analysis with myMCS Space Management. A qualitative analysis was carried out too. Creating a basis for support already starts in the analysis phase and forms an important cornerstone in the success of a move project.

The concept phase consisted of refining the results of the previous phase and translating these into usable, tangible and innovative solutions. First a macro plan was developed for converting space usage into convenient drawing mapping schemes for helping in creating the future layout.

Designing the future layout plans, creating the micro plan, was the next step. Based on the results of the macro plan and several diagrams different types of workplaces and concepts per department and/or user were elaborated. After that a layout plan was drawn on the level of workplaces, meeting rooms, concentration rooms, informal zones, visitor zones, …

After discussing the concept, remarks and points of improvement were incorporated in the final layout document. This document served as a base for the implementation phase. It consisted of the creation of execution plans and detailed takeoff lists, establishing of a study related to techniques and cabling, work planning and the tendering process of the several lots.

After the tendering and support in selecting the contractors MCS chaired the first construction site meeting. The KdG College took care of the work supervision itself.