Corporate Social Responsibility

MCS Solutions aims to operate in a socially responsible manner and contribute to sustainable development, in line with the International Standard ISO 26000 Guidance on social responsibility.

The core expertise of MCS Solutions is in the area of effective and sustainable Real Estate and Facilities Management and the creation of environment-minded, people-centric and healthy workplaces. As an employer MCS Solutions encourages diversity in its teams and builds a learning environment allowing people to grow both professionally and individually.

Some clarification on this by means of the well-known 3 Ps (People, Profit, Planet):


Sustainability is one of the key pillars of the MCS Solutions performance model and is embedded as ‘best practices’ in the company’s advisory services and software solutions.

Some examples are:

  • Energy software module to measure, monitor and improve buildings’ energy performance
  • Space software module to analyze and improve an organization’s space utilization (m2 need, energy consumption, materials)
  • Property management software to manage soil contamination and sanitation
  • Maintenance planning software to improve performance of technical installations (e.g. HVAC) and replace outdated with more sustainable techniques
  • Connected sensors in buildings to monitor different parameters (temperature, air quality, noise, etc.), improve energy management and optimize the indoor climate (heating, air conditioning) for well-being at work


  • Organizational Learning Programme (OLP): MCS Solutions invests considerable time and effort in human talent development. All MCSians have the possibility to attend training courses to enhance their skills and expertise. During yearly performance appraisals, training needs are assessed to allow our collaborators to become competent and confident professionals. As a learning organization MCS Solutions also regularly organizes informal workshops and internal knowledge sharing sessions (cross-fertilization).
  • Diversity: Due to its focus on human capital and training, MCS Solutions is able to recruit people from different cultural and social backgrounds. The recruitment policy is neutral with regard to gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, religion, etc. Due attention is given to a good balance and an open-minded culture with respect for each individual’s personality and opinions.
  • Work-life balance: MCS Solutions watches over people’s workload. Working overtime is discouraged. MCS Solutions ensures realistic work planning and acceptable task pressure for facility workers.


Good financial management and sufficient revenues are necessary for an organization to be able to invest in development, innovation, and training. Furthermore, MCS Solutions aims to be a socially involved organization through activities like:

  • Educational support on a voluntary basis
  • Charity: Read India Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps destitute children in India to get a decent education. MCS Solutions supports this organization financially in collaboration with local authorities and Indian MCS Solutions employees. Since the start in 2008, a strong group of volunteers has been built and 300 children supported (better quality of education, better infrastructure in state schools and tent schools).

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