myMCS summer 2013 release

Come join us at the “myMCS summer 2013 release” MCS event!

Event overview

During an interactive workshop, we will share a load of information regarding the launching of the myMCS  summer 2013 release.

Introducing myMCS Energy extending the myMCS software offering with important sustainability features. This workshop will aim to give an answer to companies wanting to be more conscious about their energy consumption, thus allowing benchmarking and the creation of improvement plans. myMCS Energy will help you, inter alia:

  • Define measuring points (electricity, water, gas, counters, etc.)
  • Calculate energy consumption via the myMCS calculation engine
  • Give insights into and manage your energy consumption through the use of analytical tools and dashboards
  • Define and follow up on abatement measures
  • Benchmark against a portfolio of buildings within your company
  • Analyse energy consumption

Going a step further with myMCS Mobile

  • Introducing myMCS Mobile Device Management
  • Status on the library of standard myMCS mobile apps

Enhancing the myMCS user experience and capabilities with regard to:

  • The procurement process:

(Facility-related) purchases and their financial impact are probably the most important data to manage. As a result, MCS improved the procurement process throughout the myMCS software suite in order to have clear insights into all purchase requisitions and their link to stock levels.

  • Stock management:

Keep track of your facility management related stock transactions by managing stock levels at any time. The myMCS Stock module allows you to manage and automate purchase requisitions and keep track of any financial impact.

  • Quality management:

In order to measure and analyse both internal and external customer satisfaction through questionnaires (surveys), myMCS Quality has improved its layout and graphical reporting capabilities.

  • Work order handling:

MCS introduces its improved work order handling to optimise and automate work instructions for employees and suppliers. Structured checklists are as from now at your fingertips supporting a better organised follow up of your workforce.

Learning more about the myMCS enhanced reporting capabilities:

  • Better performance
  • Improved user interface
  • Even more effective visuals and graphs

On a regular basis, MCS will convene representatives of the myMCS user community to highlight new releases and share experiences. On that occasion, MCS will gladly invite you to join the myMCS user group.

Practical information

When : 21/06/2013 – 11:00 – 15:00
Where : MCS Headquarters

Bookings Closed

Questions or concerns?

Please feel free to contact us.
t.: +32 (0) 3 829 04 95

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