Service center software

Incidents, malfunctions, failures, etc. all challenge the optimal functioning of any service organization. myMCS Service Center is a call management software that enables multi-client FM call centres to efficiently deal with a high call volume.

Call management software for handling high call volumes

myMCS Service Center is especially designed for:

  • processing thousands of service requests (calls) from various sources
  • distributing requests to the right service providers
  • monitoring the progress of each request until resolved

This ensures prompt problem resolution and considerable time and resource savings.

Effective logging, dispatching and tracking of calls

myMCS Service Center is ideal for organizations that provide services to multiple customers. All customer requests are stored in one database and are instantly accessible from one board. Posting a new service request is a matter of minutes due to the smart dashboard with advanced search capabilities.

The processes of dispatching a service request to the right team and tracking its progress have been significantly automated. This makes the work of call operators more productive and helps resolve issues faster. It results in better service and improved customer satisfaction.

    Benefits of myMCS Service Center
  • All-in-one window for managing all customer calls
  • Full control over the progress of calls
  • Escalation of urgent calls
  • Ability to configure a portfolio of service requesters and providers
  • Configurable service specifications with skill-based resource allocation
  • Integration with other myMCS modules for extended possibilities
  • Shared knowledge bank – ready solutions to standard problems

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