Helpdesk management software

A successful operation relies on a prompt response to problems that arise in the field. This promptness can be deterred by inefficient tracking of reported problems, poor monitoring of progress, or delays in finding optimal solutions. myMCS Helpdesk management software addresses these impediments.

Smart helpdesk ticketing software triggers the right actions

Part of an integrated software suite, myMCS Helpdesk management software enables facility managers to streamline helpdesk call management in a single point of contact, fully configurable to the organization’s business needs.

Customer requests, problems, incidents, etc. can be reported from multiple sources into a central database with smart filtering and searching capabilities. In addition to a comprehensive description, each call can be given a number of properties, like a status (e.g. ‘in progress’), a priority and a problem type.

Call creation and allocation can be fully automated with configurable rules (based on location and problem type), so that problems are dispatched to a responsible person at the instant they occur.

Helpdesk management software with integrated knowledge base

The integrated myMCS Knowledge Base makes accumulated know-how and solutions readily available (keyword search) and provides a central source for FAQs.

myMCS Helpdesk management software is used by large private and public organizations to optimize call handling and improve customer satisfaction.

    Benefits of myMCS Helpdesk

  • Configurable call templates for fast call booking
  • Overall control over the call progress and SLA, with link to underlying work orders
  • Configurable workflow for defining the call processing mechanism
  • Overview of calls with advanced filter and search features
  • Notification and alert systems for instant updates on call progress
  • Integrated myMCS Knowledge Base for accumulating best practice solutions
  • Interacts with a mobile app to manage service requests on the go from a smartphone

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