Measure, monitor and improve FM quality

In order to survive and grow, organizations need to consistently control, manage and improve quality. This involves understanding quality expectations, making regular assessments of strengths and weaknesses, and collecting and interpreting feedback through facility management surveys. Other challenges to successful quality management are: establishing clear quality metrics, taking timely corrective measures, and resolving quality incidents.

Creating a culture of quality

A specialized, highly scalable solution, myMCS Quality enables managers to create tailored facility management surveys and helps organizations successfully manage quality at an individual, service and organization level:

  • At an individual level, myMCS Quality supports the process of assessing the performance of individual employees, equipment and facilities.
  • At a service level, assessment focuses on everything from high-level questionnaires to scrupulously planned surveys on the service development roadmap.
  • Organizationally, FM quality is managed with recurring quality surveys and campaigns targeted at improving the overall performance, establishing long-term partnerships and increasing customer satisfaction.

    Benefits of myMCS Quality
  • Automation of the processes for continuous quality measurement and improvement
  • Compliance with the quality standards: ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and AS 9100
  • Focus on customer satisfaction
  • Revealing and overcoming weak points in your operations
  • Boosting your organization’s competitiveness
  • Organization-wide consistent quality performance
  • Establishing a culture of quality throughout your organization