Contribute, grow and succeed

Bonjour, Hallo, Goeiedag, Hallå and Hi.

These are just some of the greetings that are shared among the passionate workforce at MCS. But without a common language, communication is often reduced to a variety of arm gestures and the frequent use of a dictionary. We hope you understand that this is why we require all applicants and employees to be proficient in English – the corporate language of MCS. However if you have managed to get past the first sentence, congratulations, you have passed the first test. You may continue.



Open positions

If you think you share our core values and you are ready to empower your career in the field of facility, real estate and workplace management, then take a look at our currently available job positions and send your detailed CV, demonstrating your experience and skills, to Also, please provide a brief statement on why you would be proud to be a MCSian. We look forward to hearing from you.

Spontaneous applications and internships

Innovation and learning are of great importance to MCS Solutions, hence why we a foster a culture of internships. We welcome young potentials who are eager to share their fresh ideas and unique insights, and take ownership of their projects.

Interested to work in a stimulating, international environment where knowledge sharing and development are key? Want to be coached by one of our talented team members?

Don’t hesitate: send your internship request or proposed project to

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