MCS are proud to be selected as a representative vendor in Gartner’s 2016 IWMS Market Vendor Guide. In their latest report Gartner recommends that CRE and FM executives act quickly in order to benefit from the rich opportunities of a rapidly evolving IWMS market.

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The report highlights that in today’s digital environment, the challenges faced by Facility and Real Estate executives are being redefined by technology, bimodal business and the demands of a young, dynamic and mobile workforce.

Technology & Big Data Analytics

Recent developments in the Cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data analytics have fundamentally changed the way we all work. Innovative CRE and FM managers have been leveraging huge amounts of data to find adaptable solutions in relation to available space and a building’s physical assets. Big data and technology are being used to improve operational efficiencies, while creating an agile work environment that increases employee engagement, collaboration and productivity.

The challenge when analysing large amounts of employee and workplace data are the ethical issues relating to privacy, confidentiality and transparency. FM and CRE executives must clearly communicate ethical data practices that preserve the values that employees care about. Without careful consideration, the digital work environment runs the risk of abandoning these values for the sake of innovation and agility.

Gartner recommends that organizations pay close attention to this transformation and suggest a bimodal concept for managing real estate portfolios and the physical facilities they represent.

Bimodal Concept

Bimodal business refers to two distinct, but coherent approaches for delivering business change.

Mode 1: Traditional and sequential, emphasizing safety and accuracy.

Mode 2: Exploratory and nonlinear, emphasizing agility and speed.

This dual approach enables businesses to manage the more predictable and mission-critical business processes (fixing a window, renewing a lease), while simultaneously creating a culture that promotes testing, experimentation and innovation; ultimately transforming business ideas into competitive applications.

By separating the two modes, FM & CRE teams can ensure that they have the right people, process and technology to support business initiatives without impacting long-term maintenance projects.

Mobility and a changing workforce

It’s no surprise that today, there is widespread use of mobile devices and tablets within the workplace. The use of mobile apps outside of the work environment, social communication and the increasing use of technology are some of the key considerations why Gartner views mobility as an area that will continue to increase in demand throughout 2016.

By combining the convenience of mobile devices with solutions specifically designed for the IWMS product portfolio, businesses can not only enhance IT’s relevance to employees, but can also increase efficiencies across space occupancy, chargeback assignments and physical details in real time.

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