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August 28th 2014

Highlight of this week: Diego Urbina, European Space Agency crew member in the Mars500 Mission, and one of the 6 humans to have spent the longest time completely isolated from the natural world, from 2010 to 2011 confirmed as a keynote speaker at MCS Inspiration Day 2014!
Voluntarily sealed in pressurized spacecraft modules in Moscow by the Russian, European and Chinese governments, Urbina and his crew mates simulated a full 520-day round trip to Mars for the first time in history.

Diego Urbina

Traveling to distant planets like Mars implies many logistical challenges: you need to bring everything you require with yourself, and no resupplies are possible in trips that may take months or even years to complete. On top of this, the isolation from the rest of civilization, and the confinement derived from small and cramped spaces could influence us humans at a fundamental level, while immersed in what is possibly the harshest environment we know.

In order to test the endurance of humans to such a trip, Diego Urbina enclosed himself with 5 other researchers during 1 year and a half in a mission designed by the Russian, European and Chinese governments that holds the World Guinness Record as the longest hi-fidelity spaceflight simulation.

Follow Diego as he takes us along a virtual trip to the Red Planet: learn how food is provided and rationed, how the crew had to autonomously clean and maintain their simulated spacecraft, how energy and consumables become life-critical, and how the working and living spaces in such a particular facility are divided, used, and optimized. Accept the call to contribute to one of the greatest challenges we will face as a species!

And we have more fantastic news to share on MCS Inspiration Day 2014…

More speakers with unparalleled minds and expertise confirmed at MCS Inspiration Day 2014 !

  • Jo De Wolf, CEO, Montea – Investing in Real Estate : risks, returns and future
  • Johnny Voet, Director FM, bpost – Integrated maintenance concept aiming to balance maintenance costs and comfort

To view full detailed programme, click here.

MCS Solutions showcase

Seize the opportunity to join the continuous stream of live demos of MCS solutions that will be given by our experts at MCS Inspiration Day ! Have a peek at the schedule of the sessions below :

MCS Solutions Showcase
10:00-10:30 Service Management
10:30-11:00 Energy
11:50-12:15 E-learning
12:25-12:50 Property/Contract
12:50-13:15 Space
13:15-13:40 Cleaning
13:40-14:05 Mobile apps
14:10-14:35 SAP
14:45-15:10 Hospitality
15:20-15:45 Reservations/Reception

NEW this year: The MCS Expert Bar

Imagine if you could have a MCS Expert handy, dedicated to answering all your questions face-to-face. Well, now you can …at the MCS Expert Bar throughout the day of the event from 10:00 until 16:00 !

And don’t delay your registration as places are filling up quickly! Register now

iDAY25 challenge

Predictions keep on coming! To name a few inspiring ones freshly entered this week by your peers:

  • In 25 years we will be entering the era of digital immersing. Instead of working at your PC or interacting with your smart phone, the interactions with electronics will be ubiquitous and continuous. While brushing your teeth in the morning, you can read the newspaper on the mirror. While walking to your car you make a shopping list and check what’s left in the refrigerator; all via your electronic eye lens. In the car you can easily start working since the car is connected to a smart grid and can drive itself to any location. When arriving home in the evening, your food is already delivered to your cooled post box by a supermarket drone. After dinner, you choose a new color set for your bedroom. The colors are automatically uploaded to the walls and displayed beautifully, your home computer even dims the walls automatically when it detects you fell asleep.” – Thomas Verdyck
  • There will be a creation of new island, countries, continents by importing the soil on earth from outer space and filling the oceans up with it.” – Anton Kvitko

Click here to read the many predictions already submitted. The iDAY 25 Challenge is on!

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August 7th 2014

Highlight of this week: Philippe Monserez, Head of COPiD, AG Real Estate, scheduled to be a keynote speaker for MCS Inspiration Day on September 25, 2014 from 11:15 to 11:40 @ The Event Lounge in Brussels.

What you should not miss at MCS Inspiration Day 2014…

New inspiring confirmed speakers & great topics

  • Karine Debie, Facility Manager, Genzyme – Space, asset and reservation management

An impressive pool of confirmed speakers with unparalleled minds and expertise
Get a peek here the list of confirmed speakers.

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iDAY25 challenge

Predictions keep on coming! To name a few inspiring ones freshly entered this week by your peers:

  • The future in 25 years will be a mixture of The Fifth Element, Minority Report, I Robot and Star Trek” – Steven Baerdeman
  • There will be free internet everywhere, maximum flexible workplace (work@home, other workplaces), 100 percent electrical vehicles in a world without CO2 issues and The Rollings Stones will still be alive and singing!!” – Patrick Beke
  • In 2039 virtual ‘presence’ will have reached another level of perfection, almost touching reality with 3D images and holograms. This will question the need for coming to company offices to work together and communicate. Social work life will happen in low energy offices near home with members of different companies, enjoying healthy food and drinks and other facilities not available at home. The 2039 company office will be virtual.” – Germain Verbeemen

Click here to read the many predictions already submitted. The iDAY 25 Challenge is on!

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July 23rd 2014

Highlight of this week: MCS is pleased to announce Erwin Verstraelen, Chief Information Officer at AVEVE and VP at CIO Forum as a keynote speaker at the 2nd edition of Inspiration Day.

Watch/Read what you should not miss at iDAY 2014:

Confirmed speakers

Erwin Verstraelen
CIO at AVEVE and VP at CIO Forum

How will exponential technology growth impact the future workplace?

Herman Konings
Trendwatcher in Facility, Real Estate & Workplace Management; Founder Pocket Marketing/nXt

The future of space(s): forward to basics.

Frank Geets
Chief Administrator at AFM

The Flemish administration takes catering into the 21th century

Johan petit
Johan Petit
HR Director Belux at JTI

Optimal way of working

Please join us after the conference for a networking cocktail and walking dinner.
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iDAY25 challenge
Again we received some inspiring predictions this week for the iDAY25 Challenge:

  • The globalisation of real estate will continue, with the large international consultancies, property companies, developers and occupiers dominating key national markets. There will be an increased need for globally recognized professional qualifications and regulation. I also predict that by 2039 real estate professionals will be having powerful implanted intelligent data sources which will make Google Glass look as outdated as ZX81s do today.” – Keith Agar
  • Mobile connected technology will be connected everywhere to improved 3D virtualization of the social and private world. There will be huge progression of the medical world. We’ll be working anywhere and anytime, always connected to all our resources.” – Marc Jorissen
  • In 25 years there will be one world, many cultures, perspectives and identities…We use the previous successes and lessons from failures for shaping factors that make this positive change. I see a world more in balance. The world’s population will be safer, healthier, productive and cooperative! A world in action that stimulates debate with governments, businesses, NGOs and civil society to take these ideas and recommendations forward in the next years ahead…” – Peter Bobeck

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July 9th 2014

Highlight of this week: Confirmed keynote speaker – Herman Konings of Trendwatcher Facility Management & Real Estate

Watch/Read what you should not miss at iDAY 2014:

Steven Lambert

Inspiration Day Introduction

Speaker: Neil McLocklin of Cushman & Wakefield: Enhancing revenue – through any effective workplace
Product demo: myMCS Energy

Don’t delay your registration to iDay as it is filling up quickly (space is limited)!

iDAY25 challenge
Here are this week’s top predictions in the iDAY25 contest that we handpicked just for you!

  • Future buildings will be hyper intelligent, sustainable and high flexible. Work-live balance will improve at companies as employees will be travelling in driverless cars. Virtual meetings will be held at any place and 3D printers will be providing your favorite dessert.” – Johan Roggeman
  • The workspace environment will be more and more space efficient, and self-reliant. Companies will be opting for open space environment, flex desk solutions, integrated and cost efficient facilities solutions.” – Jacqueline Shum
  • I imagine we will be talking to robots.” – Nathalie De Lobelle

To read more predictions by others, please click here
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June 26th 2014

MCS launches its event campaign officially ! You should have received an email invite by now. If not, you can always register to the event by clicking here (registration subject to approval). Don’t delay your booking (space is limited)!

The iDAY25 Challenge has started now. You have until September 22, 2014 23:59 CEST to share your prediction(s) for the future for the next 25 years and stand a chance to win a Google Glass* !

* Conditions apply, click here.

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