myMCS Smart Start

Shortening time-to-value with myMCS Smart Start

IT projects are notorious for their high failure rate. Why does new software so often fail to deliver the desired results? Key factors are laborious configuration, a lack of predefined processes, slow deployment and poor user acceptance.

MCS Solutions has developed a unique approach for software implementation success, called myMCS Smart Start.

myMCS Smart Start:
  • Enables user activation based on best practices (featuring pre-defined business processes while also giving you the freedom to tailor the solution to your needs)
  • Drives fast and durable user adoption
myMCS Smart Start consists of 3 components:
  • Best practice user scenarios
  • Best practice KPI reporting based on market benchmarks
  • Blended learning approach
    • Supported by myMCS eLearning, providing:
      • Interactive online learning sessions
      • Video tutorials on myMCS configuration
      • Tips and tricks on evolutive use

Focus on value

MCS solutions are centered around five key pillars of corporate performance:


To make this practical, our project team creates a PROJECT-TO-VALUE mapping. This mapping visualises the link between project elements and value creation for the company.

This mapping is used for multiple purposes:

  • Communication tool – to explain to the broader Organization why we are doing the project
  • Decision making mechanism – Acts as a guideline for important project decisions including scope, plan, solution design, etc.
  • Project focus – As a reminder for the project team on the importance of value Realization(not just focus on “going live”)
  • Performance monitoring – This model can act as an initial step towards an effective management dashboard

“Enforce the companies’ brand name, create an optimal and sustainable work environment, reduce or manage all facility-related risks at a minimal ‘total cost of housing’.”

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