13Dec 2017

Agile working is nothing new to facilities management (FM). Even in the most traditional office-based organization, where many employees work at their desks all day, the facility manager, supervisors and service operatives do not spend their working day sitting at their desks. Continue reading

06Dec 2017

What does a facility services provider look for in an IWMS (CAFM) system? These days, it must be a solution – not just a software package. The service provider is often looking to manage, or expand into, a broad range of services. This may start with their ‘core’ facility management services, and extend into workplace solutions, real estate management, and perhaps other associated corporate services. Continue reading

27Nov 2017

Every client Head of FM knows when they have an incumbent facility services provider they want to keep. The Account Director has worked hard at the relationship, and the customers are generally happy. Neither the client nor the service provider wants a re-tender. But “Group Procurement” wants to go through the process, to ensure value for money. So, what is wrong with that? Continue reading

20Nov 2017

An Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) has become an indispensable tool for service providers, enabling them to drive efficiency of operations and track performance. Since the early days of integrated FM software, solutions have matured in their capabilities to meet tactical demands. But these days, customers’ expectations go beyond operational excellence. Demand is increasing for service providers to evolve to strategic partners who can provide seamless customer experiences and contribute to adding value to the business. Continue reading