Meeting room display

Meeting Room Display

myMCS Meeting Room Display makes it easy to manage meeting rooms and optimize their occupancy. The app runs on a mobile device mounted on the wall at the entrance of each meeting room and allows attendees to start/stop/extend a meeting or to book ad-hoc meetings. When the meeting has not started on time, the meeting can be cancelled automatically (auto-released) after a grace period. The meeting room display interacts with myMCS Reservation.

With the wall mounted myMCS Meeting Room Display you can:

  • Track meeting room usage
  • Enable meeting bookings (even confidential meetings)
  • Start/stop/extend meetings
  • Display unavailable periods (cleaning time, preparation time, etc.)
  • Set up grace and auto-release periods
  • Define your own settings & look and feel (including custom colours)


Start your meeting on arrival or book a free time slot


When attendees do not arrive on time, the auto-release period starts.
The scheduled meeting can now be overbooked.

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