The 2012 EU Energy Efficiency Directive contains binding measures to help the European Union reach its 20% energy efficiency targets by 2020.

Among other things, it imposes the obligation for large companies (250+ employees, annual turnover > € 50 million) to conduct energy audits at least every 4 years. The first mandatory audit has to be carried out by December 5, 2015.

These audits have to meet specific criteria described in the EU Directive guidelines. They have to be implemented and supervised by independent authorities under national legislation and to be performed by qualified experts (internal or external).

Through the myMCS software platform, MCS can provide auditors with all the tools they require to perform audits in compliance with these EU Directive guidelines:

  • myMCS Energy, to meet requirements such as:
    • “up-to-date, measured, traceable operational data on energy consumption”
    • “detailed review of the energy consumption profile of buildings and installations, including transportation”
    • “life cycle cost analysis”
    • “reliable identification of the most significant opportunities for improvement”

    Fig: Measured, traceable operational data on energy consumption


    Fig: Energy measures to improve energy efficiency

  • myMCS Energy reporting, to
    • “be proportionate, and sufficiently representative to permit the drawing of a reliable picture of overall energy performance”

    Fig:Energy analysis per energy object

  • myMCS Flexible Reporting for extended reporting on portfolio consumption and energy balance

  • myMCS Performance Pack for audit report template creation