It was a great learning experience for Flemish Minister-President Geert Bourgeois and his trade delegation members: the visit to a primary school in the city of Bengaluru (Bangalore) in southern India. More than 50 students, teachers, RIF members and MCS executives were present there on April 28th.

The delegation spent nearly an hour visiting the school and talking with the children, who shared their life and career aspirations (some popular career choices were teaching, engineering and research). The children were eager to learn about the differences between India and Belgium (climate, food, etc.) and also raised questions on topics like education, sports and democracy.

The Minister-President made a tour of the classrooms and was pleased with the work done by the government and Read India Foundation (supported by MCS). There was a general sense among the delegates that more corporates should participate in such initiatives. Geert Bourgeois further stressed the importance of education and highlighted the business dealings between India and Belgium.


Fig: Minister-President Geert Bourgeois interacting with the children

Activity-based learning

As a Government Lower Primary School, the Vibhutipura school has adopted the ‘Nali-Kali’ (play-learn) approach for small kids – to make learning more child-centric, fun and dynamic.

Nali-Kali is an activity-based form of teaching that replaces the old ‘chalk and talk’ method in which students sat idly and listened. The approach engages the children in a variety of activities adapted to their learning levels.


Fig: Sunil, Chief Advisor for Read India Foundation, explaining about the school

Helping to make a difference

The Vibhutipura school is supported by the Read India Foundation, established in 2008 by Vijayendra V S, a member of the MCS group. The NGO has grown to over 50 volunteers and works closely with the education department in the state of Karnataka.

100% of the money raised by RIF is used to provide equipment, basic healthcare and a positive learning environment for disadvantaged boys and girls. This month, Read India Foundation was able to donate study tables and chairs to the school as a result of the latest fundraiser by MCS. Before this contribution, the students were sitting on the floor and had limited infrastructure in the classroom.”


Fig: Recently donated new study tables and chairs, helping more than hundred children in the school

Supporting educational institutions manage facilities, energy, and more

MCS group and MCS India are very happy to support the Read India Foundation and contribute to education by providing infrastructure.

As a real estate and facility management knowledge centre and software company, MCS also helps educational institutions – and other public and private organizations worldwide – to better manage their infrastructure and reduce their ecological footprint.