By becoming new followers to our LinkedIn corporate account during our fundraising drive for the New Year, you helped provide 80 destitute children from a Tent School with school uniforms, stationaries, blackboards and tutoring!

A Tent School is a form of government school organised by the Indian Education Department. There are certain people (mainly daily wage laborers who are migrant people and don’t belong to that local place) who are unable to send their children even to government schools. They either take their children to work (child labor) or these children end up on the street. For this reason, the Indian Education Department has introduced “Tent Schools”, wherein small government schools are set up near their houses (mostly slums or temporary dwelling places) in order to educate these kids and provide them with one free meal per day.

As the kids coming to these schools do not have proper clothing (as the parents cannot afford proper cloths),  ‘free school uniform’ is always much appreciated! This provides them with clothing that they will use for almost a year. Generally speaking, as they do not have other proper clothing, they also wear the school uniform after school hours.

Additionally, as the Government provides only “Text Books” and basic stationaries (limited quantity of pencils, notebooks per child per year), your contribution also helped provide these children with stationaries incl. notebooks, pencils box set, school bag, drawing books, and color pencils.

And since some Government and Tent schools do not have blackboards and some of them are really damaged,  you also contributed for 2 or 3 to these schools so that they have decent blackboards and learn/ teach under better study and teaching conditions.

Finally, last but not least, you will be supporting 22 kids who live on the streets with their parents!

The parents are mainly selling balloons at traffic lights (they are no beggars). These people have migrated from different states in search of a job but ended up selling balloons or small items at traffic lights to make a living. Under these harsh conditions, some parents have no choice but to take their kids with them to help them sell these small items at traffic lights or let the kids end up living on the street. Unfortunately, some kids end up begging at traffic lights. Thanks to the support of an education official, 22 of these street kids were sent to private schools. Under the recent constitutional change in India (Right To Education), the private schools are obliged to accept few kids who come from below poverty line.  As a result, these kids now attend private schools and sleep at government schools (this is their new home. However, when they come back ‘home’ from school, there are no facilities to help them with the learning. As exams are in March, they need some special teaching & attention so that they are more likely to pass the exam and be able to pursue the programme. In this context, thanks to your participation to the MCS charity drive, you helped hire 1 or 2 dedicated teachers (for 1-2 months) who will be coaching these kids and give them a chance for a better life through education.

Again, thank you for following us!

Black Board Contribution.JPGTent School uniform &bag distribution.JPGUniform Distribution 02.JPGPhoto.JPG

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