A lot was going on at Internet of Things World 2018, held at Santa Clara, CA, 15-17 May. Over 3 days, the conference and expo brought together 12,000 IoT innovators and thought leaders from industry heavyweights and startups alike. Here are some key trends and learnings we picked up at the conference.

1. Growing attention for rapid deployment

A lot of attention is going to rapid deployment of IoT devices and solutions (data capture from dispersed devices, cloud, visualization)

2. Business value is in the driving seat

Customer pains and needs drive business, IoT is no exception. We’re seeing a growing focus on real-world use cases and benefits.

3. Secure connectivity is key for success

There is a growing emphasis on wireless connectivity technologies (network topologies, gateways, protocols, etc.) with end-to-end security.

4. Avoid silo mentality

Industrial IoT focuses on robust, qualitative solutions whereas the smart home segment is first and foremost about user-friendly and intuitive applications. Increasingly, different industry segments will be converging and learning from each other.

5. Build a partner ecosystem

To capitalize on IoT and drive value, you need to build an ecosystem of partners who co-innovate and contribute their respective technologies and knowledge.