MCS is participating to the Mipim Open stage competition which is a brand new international competition that invites the online real estate property community to create an 1-hour session on the topic  of “Big and Open Data: the impact on the property industry”.

In this context, MCS is proposing a session on the topic of  ‘Get insight into actual property cost drivers through connected sensors (Internet of Things)’.

Indeed, managing a Real Estate portfolio is heavily driven by the actual operating costs of each building. Too often this is based on manual estimates or summary invoice data, which do not reflect reality. Through a connected network of low cost meters, sensors and mobile devices, property managers can finally capture the actual drivers of Property cost.

  • OCCUPANCY: Indoor positioning of people track behaviour and can forecast space needs
  • ENERGY: Smart meters on consuming devices, spaces, or buildings
  • FACILITY SERVICES: in-the-room sensors detect comfort levels (dust, O2), leaks (water) or supply levels (coffee, paper) to trigger just-in-time facility services or maintenance
  • USAGE: Presence detection to track usage of meeting rooms or facilities to optimize service planning
  • PROJECTS: Track detailed time and material spent on execution of projects or maintenance related work orders
  • RENT: Track the actual rents and charges collected from tenants, including rent-free periods, indexations, etc

By collecting this Big Data through sensors and other devices, Real Estate managers are finally able to get the real insights to drive their property decisions (sell, refurbish, invest, etc).

In this talk, Steven Lambert, COO of MCS, a technology firm based in Belgium focused on Real Estate software and technology solutions for large Real Estate organisations, will highlight real life examples of how Big Data and technology can enable Real Estate management decisions.

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