MCS has signed a partnership agreement with Leesman, world leader in measuring the effectiveness of workplaces. The Leesman Index (Lmi) benchmark is generated from the largest global database of employee workplace satisfaction surveys available. The standardized survey provides deep insights into how workplaces support organizational performance.

As a Leesman Consulting Partner, MCS will apply the Leesman methodology in workplace transformation projects. The approach will combine user perception data from the Leesman survey with big data from other sources, such as:

  • Data streams from connected sensors that permanently track variables such as space usage, indoor climate (temperature, light, air quality, noise levels), and energy consumption
  • Instant user feedback on service quality and work environment through a mobile app for micro polling
  • Activity measurements on the ground, mapping collaboration patterns through the ABOOTTM methodology, patented by MCS
  • Workshops and deep dive interviews with top and middle management

The resulting big data goldmine is stored and processed in the MCS big data platform where it is further analysed and interpreted by data scientists. Their insights support real estate and workplace managers to optimize workplaces and take better informed decisions.

Steven Lambert, COO of MCS: “Leesman captures the user perception which is a critical addition to our big data analytics on the work environment.”