Announcing a new partnership with BRAVO for the delivery of COBUNDU™ smart building products in the Norwegian market.

Oslo-based Bravo Group -- MCS Solutions partner for COBUNDU products

Bravo is an Oslo-based group of companies that delivers digital workplace solutions to the business market, including digital signage, AV, and ICT solutions. With the innovative COBUNDU™ products drawing on live information from sensors, BRAVO will be able to offer its customers an enhanced workplace experience. The company will showcase COBUNDU™ capabilities in its Oslo HQ showroom.

About BRAVO Group

Bravo is a leading system integrator with a special focus on audio, image and interaction solutions. We have high expertise in complex technology that enables us to deliver complete and integrated solutions for both large and small customers. Bravo focuses primarily on deliveries provided “as a service” with ongoing service agreements to ensure maximum uptime. From our Network Operation Center (NOC) in Oslo, we operate both customer-based and cloud-based solutions.

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About MCS Solutions

MCS Solutions is a fast-growing software and technology firm, focused on integrating the entire value chain of real estate, workplace and facility management.

The MCS Solutions’ offering consists of:

– Innovative IoT-enabled IWMS software

Smart Building solutions powered by the COBUNDU™ platform

– Independent advisory services delivered by domain experts