ANTWERP/WASHINGTON (March 6, 2018) – Technology firm MCS Solutions and business process consulting firm Sage Method have entered into a partnership for delivery of integrated facilities software (IWMS) in the US market.

Sage Method partnership

By bringing together MCS Solutions’ proven best-practice solutions and Sage’s strength in helping clients maximize the solution, the partnership opens exciting new options for US-based clients.

Starting with a first project in the healthcare sector, the collaboration can benefit a wide range of private and public-sector organizations, allowing them to optimize facilities management and positively impact the workplace experience.

“I’m very excited about teaming up with Sage Method, who will help us introduce our forward-looking solutions to our USA and Canada clients,” commented Steve Morren, Sales Director at MCS Americas, based in New York. “Sage is the perfect partner to bring senior-level support to our projects through their domain knowledge and process improvement methodologies.”

Cari Stieglitz, President & CEO of Sage Method said: “In working with MCS Solutions, we have been continuously impressed with the commitment they have to making technology work smarter. We have experienced a stronger commitment to innovation and leading the conversation through MCS than any other platform of their size and customer base. Our partnership is truly aligned in challenging ourselves to create a better solution for our clients.”


About Sage Method

Sage Method is a management consulting firm specializing in facilities and project management. Using their own proven service delivery methodology and tools, they help clients to become self-sustaining in their process and technology initiatives.

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About MCS Solutions

MCS Solutions is a fast-growing software and technology firm, focused on integrating the entire value chain of real estate, workplace and facility management.

MCS Solutions helps its clients across the globe to optimize the workplace, through the synergy between:

– Innovative IoT-enabled IWMS software

– Smart Building solutions powered by the COBUNDU™ platform

– Independent advisory services delivered by domain experts

MCS Americas contact information:

1177 Avenue of the Americas, 7th floor, New York, NY 10036