MCS Solutions is committed to supporting the smart building movement. So we were very happy to sign this month the “Connected, sustainable, and human-centred building” charter. 60 key French market players are involved in this initiative, as well as representatives of the French state.

Connected, sustainable, and human-centred building charter

The charter’s objective

The Smart buildings Alliance for Smart Cities (SBA) and the HQE-GBC Alliance prepared the charter. It has a clear objective: to involve industry players in the expansion of the smart building sector in France.

Setting up an observatory

The charter inspires the creation of a smart building observatory, that will accelerate the success of the initiative. According to the French secretary of state Julien Denormandie, this will enable faster creation of connected housing and buildings. These buildings will provide smart services to occupants, while also being comfortable and ecologically sustainable.

Our commitment

MCS Solutions is already driving the smart building revolution through its COBUNDU™ IoT platform, as well as through smart building technology partnerships with real estate firms. MCS Solutions’ partnership with leading brokerage firm Cushman & Wakefield, for example, can bring the benefits of smart building technologies to large building portfolios.

Furthermore, we believe that to reach the objective of the ‘Connected, sustainable and human-centred building’, solutions must focus on building users, employees, and occupants. For this reason, our smart building platform COBUNDU™ supports the move from managing buildings to managing the user experience.

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