At MCS Solutions, we are committed to developing smart software to create high-performing workplaces. Interested in learning about the benefits of the new MCS IWMS software release 17.0, pending the user event on December 15th? Here are some of the highlights:

1. Embedded BIM

Building Information Models (BIM), when correctly set up, contain a wealth of information for facility management. That’s why MCS IWMS software release 17.0 allows for a direct import of BIM models into the MCS database. This includes all BIM parameters as well as 3D geometry. Importing data from BIM saves a tremendous amount of time for facilities management because all the floors, rooms and technical assets are created automatically in the IWMS software.

MCS BIM Explorer enables technicians to visualize the 3D model, navigate through it, and consult the technical parameters of any element. This is now also integrated with web work orders and the maintenance objects linked to them. The software can automatically load the correct BIM model, zoom in and highlight the object in the model. Suppose a technician gets a work order to repair a noisy HVAC fan. Thanks to BIM explorer, he can instantly see in the BIM model where it’s located (e.g. under the false ceiling), consult technical details and save precious time in the execution of his task.

2. Dynamic work scheduling

IWMS software release 17.0 provides an enhanced MCS Scheduler with Schedule Boards and Mobile Work Manager integration. The Schedule Boards combine tasks to be planned and SLA due dates, resources with skills and location, and access level control.

Mobile Work Manager v4.1 makes it very easy for technicians to update their status. With the touch of a screen button, they indicate when they start/stop a task, are on the road, or are taking a break. They can also report incidents like a vehicle breakdown, traffic accident, injury, unexpected illness, etc. This signal is transmitted immediately to MCS Scheduler so that the planners/dispatchers can take appropriate rescheduling actions effectively.

3. Fast maintenance object creation

Creating a physical inventory of technical assets can be a daunting task. The new release makes it easier by acknowledging that technical infrastructure in buildings often has the same components. An HVAC system for example typically has a boiler, chillers, cooling fans, heating elements, air terminals, and radiators. With Maintenance Object Templates in MCS 17.0, such systems can be preconfigured as a template that generates all items, links them together and associates them with the correct locations in the building.

4. Smart meeting management

All aspects of meeting management for both front and back office users are now efficiently managed through a web interface. This includes planning conferences in multiple rooms or geographically dispersed locations, delivery of services, changes and cost updates, and control over billing parameters.

5. Web printing technology

Administrators can now easily create Work Order report templates as simple Word documents. They can add as many database tags as they need for the desired output, and save these in MCS. As a result, any end user who wants to print work orders can simply select such a Word template, select work order(s) and print. The resulting Word files will then be generated automatically via the web browser. So there is no need to learn any reporting software, just use Word!

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