Come listen to MCS’ conference on the topic of “INTEGRATING CONNECTED SENSOR DATA REVEALS INSIGHT INTO ACTUAL PROPERTY PERFORMANCE DRIVERS” on March 13, 2015 from 11 to noon in the Green Room at MIPIM 2015.

Managing a Real Estate portfolio requires decision making based on the actual operational performance of each building.

Too often these decisions are based on annual estimates or summary data, which do not reflect reality.

Through a connected network of low cost meters, sensors and mobile devices, property managers can finally have the technology platform to capture the actual drivers of property performance:

  • OCCUPANCY : Indoor positioning sensors track people’s behaviour and can forecast space needs
  • ENERGY : Smart meters track how buildings, spaces or equipment consume energy
  • PERCEPTION : onsite tags can track people’s level of satisfaction with their environment
  • FACILITY SERVICES : in-the-room sensors detect comfort levels (dust, O2), water leaks or supply stockouts to trigger just-in-time facility services or maintenance
  • USAGE : Presence detection tracks real usage of meeting rooms or facilities to optimize service planning
  • PROJECTS : Track in-the-field data on time and material spent on execution of projects or maintenance related work orders
  • RENT : Track the actual rents and charges collected from tenants, including rent-free periods, indexations, etc

By integrating this ‘Big Data’ from sensors and other devices, Real Estate managers are finally able to discover the real insights to drive their property decisions.

Steven Lambert is COO of MCS, a technology firm based in Belgium focused on Real Estate software and technology solutions for large Real Estate organisations.

In this talk, Steven will highlight examples of how Big Data and technology can enable Real Estate management decisions.