MIPIM in Cannes is the largest property event in the world, drawing over 24,000 property professionals from 100 countries. Indeed, many consider it the ultimate real estate networking experience of the year. With so much going on, what were the key trends and lessons we took away from MIPIM 2018?

1. The rise of real estate technology

Innovation through technology has clearly become a key focus area for the real estate sector. While MIPIM has always been primarily about property markets, it is now increasingly dedicating exhibition space and conference time to CRE technology.

2. The CRE paradigm shift is accelerating

Secondly, this influx of new technologies is quickly changing how we use, improve and value real estate.  To thrive in the digital era, real estate players need to change their minds and business models to become more customer-centric. Once known as a tech-resistant industry, today CRE embraces PropTech, making buildings and the technology that lies within them become symbiotic.

3. Reinventing cities to meet global challenges

Thirdly, cities and the need to ‘reinvent’ them has become a major topic. By 2050 the world will be 2/3 urban and cities will rule a globalized world. Hence, they will need to become smarter and more connected to meet environmental and mobility challenges.

Besides these major trends, there was also a ‘small’ idea that received due attention at Mipim.

Small idea wins big at MIPIM 2018 Startup Competition

The MIPIM Startup Competition reveals the most innovative startups that tackle the biggest urban challenges around the world. PropTech startups from around the world that won competitions at preliminary events held in New York, London, and Hong Kong, fought the final battle in Cannes. While the competition was strong, Disruptive Technologies emerged as the winner. Congratulations to our technology partner DT, creator of the wireless mini-sensor, for achieving first place in this prestigious competition!

MIPIM 2018 Startup Competition winner Disruptive Technologies

Disruptive Technologies achieved the first place at the prestigious MIPIM 2018 Startup Competition