Frankfurt am Main / Antwerp, 10 January 2019 – The future is digital. The role of data is becoming ever more important, and this holds true for real estate services, too. For example, wireless sensors could be used to optimize the space occupancy of existing buildings significantly. STRABAG Property and Facility Services GmbH (STRABAG PFS) now intends to determine the possibilities that arise from the sensor-based collection and analysis of occupancy data for conference, office and common rooms in a building belonging to DIW Instandhaltungs GmbH.

Sensor data visualization at the STRABAG booth at the last Expo Real 2018

Digital transformation

STRABAG PFS will use the COBUNDU™ Space Monitor from MCS Solutions for this endeavour. For the pilot project, sensors will be mounted in an area of over 800 m². The test will be performed as part of the digitalization offensive of STRABAG PFS, which is centred around the development of new products, services and business models for technical, infrastructural and commercial building management.

Jürgen Schneider, Head of Corporate Development at STRABAG PFS, describes the digital transformation of the real estate and industrial service provider as follows: “We are focussing on the digitalization of existing buildings, on sensor systems and artificial intelligence. Real Estate Services 4.0 includes the determination and optimization of space occupancy.”

What are known as PIR sensors are installed in the COBUNDU™ Space Monitor. With the assistance of infra-red signals, they record movement in the surrounding area on the basis of changes in temperature, similar to commercially available motion sensors. Measuring just 2 x 5 x 5 cm, these sensors are so small that they do not interfere with the use of the room or workstation. They can be mounted both underneath a table or desk top and on the wall.

Real-time occupancy

The aim of this pilot test conducted by STRABAG PFS and MCS Solutions is to determine the real-time occupancy and degree of utilization of three conference rooms and 16 offices. It focuses on the information value of the sensors. “The collected data essentially creates a digital twin that depicts reality,” says Schneider. Subsequent questions that arise include: Which superordinate aspects can be optimized? How high is space occupancy? Can recommendations be made, for example on the design of conference rooms? Which further services can STRABAG PFS develop on the basis of the data?

STRABAG PFS had already conducted initial tests with the COBUNDU™ Space Monitor at EXPO REAL 2018. Sensors were used to determine the occupancy of meeting rooms and meeting tables at the STRABAG booth. “Testing new tools and services, either in our “House of Innovation” or on-site together with a customer is important to us,” says Schneider. “Optimum space occupancy holds great potential for savings. In addition, occupancy data can be used to develop further services.

There are many options. Hüsamettin Cicek, Sales Director Germany at MCS Solutions comments: “Our IoT-assisted COBUNDU products deliver real-time information on aspects such as occupancy, capacity utilization, temperature, air quality and CO2 level. This information can be used as a basis to determine and graphically show potential for improvement. The COBUNDU products were developed for numerous scenarios in the working world and are already being used by many customer groups, including banks, insurance companies, telecommunications providers, municipalities, research institutions, hospitals and FM service providers. With COBUNDU, IoT is no longer just a vision! We are looking forward to a successful and long-term collaboration with STRABAG PFS.”

About STRABAG Property and Facility Services

STRABAG Property and Facility Services (STRABAG PFS) is a leading provider of property and industrial services with a high level of vertical integration along the value chain for the technical and commercial management of full locations and entire portfolios of industrial and property companies. Its service portfolio comprises property management, technical and infrastructural facility management, construction in existing buildings and, through DIW, specialist services such as industrial maintenance and cleaning.

About MCS Solutions

MCS Solutions, a Nemetschek Group company, is a technology and consulting firm, supporting its clients across the globe to improve the performance of their building portfolios. Our core purpose is to make buildings work harder for their occupants through unlocking the power of building data. We assist our clients to optimize their facility operations and achieve bottom-line savings. And we help them create workplaces that offer the agility, flexibility, and connectivity needed to support new ways of working.