Contract management software

The risk of potential losses due to poor contract management in an organization with hundreds or thousands of active contracts should not be underestimated. Lost opportunities for cost reduction and revenue boost, twisted understanding of contract spending – these are just a few areas of concern. With myMCS Contract software to manage real estate and FM contracts, you can minimize these risks and maximize your return on contracts.

Manage your contracts – manage your business

myMCS Contract is an FM & real estate contract management software that organizes all contracts in your organization in a central repository.

The myMCS Contract management software facilitates the process of financial reporting on real estate and FM contracts. Any cash moving into or out of a contract is automatically logged for future billing and accounting. Comprehensive financial summaries per contract serve as up-to-date revenue and expense reports.

Due to a powerful notification mechanism in the solution, you are always kept informed of the status of your real estate and FM contracts – contracts that will expire soon, indexation, and so on. This allows to identify and eliminate potential risks in time.

    Benefits of myMCS Contract

  • Industry expertise embedded in the solution
  • Central repository for all your contracts
  • Complete control over the contract’s life cycle
  • Automated accounting of contract-generated finances
  • Extended reporting capabilities

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