Energy management software

Energy efficiency is an essential component of sustainability goals within organizations. Hence energy managers face many challenges:

  • Identifying poor energy performers and taking corrective measures aligned with saving strategies
  • Ensuring compliance and applying for energy performance ratings (BREEAM, EU, LEED)
  • Making competitive energy purchasing based on consumption patterns
  • Allocating utility costs in multi-tenant facilities
  • Raising energy awareness among occupants

Monitor, benchmark, and improve energy consumption across your building portfolio

myMCS Energy management software provides the tools to manage energy in geographically dispersed, multi-tenant facilities. It supports the continuous process of data capture, data processing, analysis and corrective measures. With myMCS Energy management software, facility managers get immediate help in monitoring energy consumption, detecting abnormal performance, evaluating and benchmarking energy efficiency, implementing corrective measures and logging their effect.

    Benefits of myMCS Energy

  • Automation of energy charges in multi-tenant facilities
  • Competitive energy purchasing based on consumption patterns
  • Energy demand reduction
  • Monitoring and evaluating consumption and production of energy from renewable sources
  • Reducing peak energy demand and optimizing the capacity utilization
  • Organization-wide visibility into meter infrastructure
  • Comprehensive reports on the overall energy performance

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