Key management & tracking software

Fully traceable management of building and room keys is an integral component of corporate preventive security. myMCS Key management software takes the protection of sensitive and high-value assets to a new level by eliminating the risk of unauthorized access, data breaches and illegal disclosures, which all may result from a key fallen into the wrong hands.

Centralized key management improves control and security

myMCS Key tracking software provides a security- and expense-friendly solution for managing all mechanical keys and lock cylinders of an organization.

Running on a central database, myMCS Key management software enables:

  • automation of the policy of key issuance, use and return
  • compliance with the corporate policy on access control
  • optimization of key transaction activities
  • advanced auditing of all locks, keys, doors they open, and access rights
  • prevention and quick response to key and lock-related emergencies

With this smart solution, organizations can centrally and securely manage keys in accordance with their corporate policies, established workflows, and personnel’s areas of responsibility.

    Benefits of myMCS Key

  • Full automation and control of key requests, issuance, use and return
  • Central information repository of all keys and locks used across the entire organization
  • No key availability conflicts
  • Ability to effectively handle key and lock-related emergencies
  • Visibility into the key details, including access level, state, and return date
  • Personalized key access control
  • Easy key transfers between depots
  • Complete key transaction history

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